Finding the Right OB Doctor!

Miller, Korin. “Real Doctors Share Why They Decided To Become Ob-Gyns | Dr. Sherry.”, 28 Nov. 2016, Finding the right doctor for you during your pregnancy will be really crucial to you. You want a doctor that you feel comfortable with and feel at ease. There are different types of doctors or midwives to… Continue reading Finding the Right OB Doctor!


It is Okay and Everything Will Be Fine!

Martin, Megan. “For the Little One Lost | My Story of Miscarriage.” Megan Martin Creative | Business & Lifestyle Blogger, 23 Aug. 2017, Some things in this post contain affiliated post and I do earn commission from. Not a lot of people really talk about the topic miscarriage. It's a hard thing to not only… Continue reading It is Okay and Everything Will Be Fine!